School Gardens

Connecting children to the garden is one of the best ways to grow their healthy habits. Consider starting a school garden at your school by involving parent volunteers, teachers, staff and students. It gives us all an opportunity to use the garden to grow healthy habits in homes, cafeterias, classrooms and communities. A visible and beautiful garden in front of a school is a representation of their labor of love and school pride. It can improve mood, gets kids to move and builds social connection among peers. Let's spread some joy and good health by starting a Garden Club at your school! 
McCoy Elementrary recently shared a picture of a bounty of fruits and vegetables that came from the school garden at McCoy Elementary. Thank you to Assistant Principal Diane Hall for sharing this story and the McCoy Elementary Garden Club for your efforts so that we can all enjoy the fruits of your labor!
Here are some websites to help you get started:
Whole Kids Foundation 

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Kim Ly, MD, MBA

Healthy Lifestyles Chair
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