Lifetime Memberships are a great way to recognize your volunteers and staff members who exemplify the mission of PTA. Council PTA HIGHLY encourages you to award at least one person with a Lifetime Membership each year.

The Council Award Ceremony will be held on April 30th, and it's time to start thinking about which volunteers your PTA will recognize!! We'll be sending out reminders and more info, but here's the overall steps for recognizing your volunteers:

1.  Form a Lifetime Membership Committee (LMC)
This committee will meet to discuss potential recipients of the award, and solicit nominations from your membership. They can also put forth their own nominations

2. The LMC will check the link below to see who has already received an award. Recipients may receive multiple Lifetime Memberships, but ONLY ONE per school. I suggest searching by first or last name on EACH of the alphabet list in the link. Sometime, people have entered in recipients with Mr. or Mrs., which means they're not listed by first name, rather with Mr. or Mrs.


3. The LMC decides who they will be giving an award too. You can award as many as you like.

4. LMC coordinates with the President who is responsible for ordering the awards from TX PTA from the below link. The awards end up being about $80 each once you include shipping.


5. LMC coordinates with the President how they would like to present their recipients with their awards. I suggest recognizing them at a school event, or grade-level play so that they are recognized in front of their peers. Plus, not everyone is able to attend the Council award ceremony. This is a great time to present them with their certificate and pin that you've ordered from TX PTA in step 4.

6. LMC invites their recipients to the Award Ceremony on April 30th, RL Turner Auditorium (more details and formal invitation to come)

7. LMC fills out a google form from Council PTA letting us know who is receiving an award by 4/23!!!. Council uses this information in our powerpoint, and we call each individual up to the stage to receive a rose. We'll send out the google form here in the next couple of weeks.

8. Recipients and their friends and family attend the Council Award Ceremony to be recognized with the 19-20 recipients from across the district!