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PTA Advocacy - Texas Primary Elections

C-FB ISD PTA Friends – Texas Primary elections are upon us. One of the main purposes of PTA is Advocacy, so we are providing this information to help guide you through the election process that begins THIS WEEK! The C-FB Council PTA Board urges you to participate in the process and VOTE!!  We encourage you to be an INFORMED voter and use the information provided below to investigate each candidate and race. We would also encourage you to reach out to friends and family over the next few weeks and ask “Have you voted in the Primary Election yet?” Encourage everyone to exercise this civil right that we are blessed to have. If you have additional questions after reviewing this information, please reach out to


  • Primary election day is March 6, 2018

  • Early voting for Primary elections - Feb. 20 through March 2, 2018

  • The Primary election in March is to determine the single candidate for all races that will represent the Democratic and Republican parties on the general election ballot in November.

  • Texas is an “open primary” state - you can vote in either the Democratic OR the Republican Primary in March (no matter which party you might be a member of), but you can only vote in one party’s primary.

  • If you vote in a specific party primary in March, that does NOT mean you have to vote for that party / candidate in November.

  • Primaries are important!!! Most elections are decided in the primaries.

  • Do your research on the candidate to make sure you are informed.

  • You can create a sample ballot for all races here:

    • Dallas County Voters:


  • Fill in your information and click search

  • It will give you the option to view a sample ballot for the Democratic Party and the Republican Party

    • Denton County Voters:


  • Fill in your information and click search

  • It will give you the option to view a sample ballot for the Democratic Party and the Republican Party

  • Texas Tribune - Everything you need to know about casting a ballot in the Texas primary elections


This table will provide you a list of the candidates for Texas house and senate races within the C-FB boundaries, depending on your address (find which district you reside in here).   The links below will guide you to the candidate website (if available) and provide an email address should you wish to reach out to a candidate for more information.

TX House/Senate District

(name links to website)


(name links to website)



Kevin Simmons


Ron Simmons



Michelle Beckley


Linda Koop


Chad Carnahan


Scott Kilgore



Ana-Marie Ramos


Jerry Fortenberry



Rafael Anchia


A.D. Jenkins


Thresa Meza



Rodney Anderson



Dinesh Mali


Matt Rinaldi



Julie Johnson



Rock Bower






Donald Huffines



Nathan Johnson



Joe Bogen



Here are links to voter guides and questionnaires provided by non-partisan organizations.

Teach the Vote - - This is a guide provided by the Association of Texas Professional Educators where you can research the education positions of candidates for the Texas Legislature and State Board of Education.

Texas PTA Governor and Lieutenant Governor Questionnaire - - This is a helpful questionnaire, with a focus on education, for the candidates for the top offices within Texas.

Dallas Morning News Voter Guide - - This is a helpful resource that will allow you to compare candidate answers to specific questions on a variety of issues.

Irving League of Women Voters - - this provides 2018 election information as well as candidate guides in English and in Spanish. Once you click on this link, scroll down to “Voters Guide”. They also have a link on this site to allowing you to enter your address and narrow your research to those races you will be voting in.


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